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Pieces of king fish head cut to small portion

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Surmai / Seer Fish/ King fish. This popular sea fish is considered as quite a delicacy and excellent table fare in most parts of India. In menu cards, it goes by the name of King Fish. Surmai is flavourful by itself and does not require any special preparation to enhance its natural taste. The king fish is a medium-sized fish, typically encountered from 5 to 14 kg (30 lb), but is known to exceed 40 kg (90 lb). The entire body is covered with very small, hardly visible, loosely attached scales. The first (spiny) dorsal fin is entirely colorless and is normally folded back into a body groove, as are the pelvic fins. The lateral line starts high on the shoulder, dips abruptly at mid-body and then continues as a wavy horizontal line to the tail. Coloration is olive on the back, fading to silver with a rosy iridescence on the sides, fading to white on the belly.

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