Tips for Running a Successful Board Meeting

A successful board meeting, whether it is in person or online, requires careful planning and focus. It’s crucial to create a setting that fosters healthy debate and ingenuity.

The board chair should chair your board meetings. This is usually the manager or president of the community association. Each board member should be given the chance to express their opinions and ask questions or to express concerns. Then, vote on the topic. This will avoid any confusion in the future about what was discussed, decided on, and finally ratified by the boardroom.

It is important to clearly define the end goal of each item

Make certain to include a detailed explanation of the goals each agenda item is designed to accomplish ahead of time. This can help avoid confusing discussions or spending time. It’s also helpful to include a checkbox for each item indicating whether it’s meant to inform, seek information or come to a conclusion.

Don’t rush into an important decision.

Many boards feel they have to make a decision quickly to appease homeowners who are displeased or to avoid dragging out an issue that could be resolved. This only causes your board and the community to be delayed. Furthermore, decisions made in a hurry are often poorly executed and are often lacking the necessary input from experts.

At Least Once A Year Examine Your Meetings

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